Hi Guys!

It's time to share a little recipe for homemade Gingerbread Latte in Starbucks style... :-)

All you need for a big mug of Gingerbread Latte is:

- 2 teaspoons of instant Coffee
- 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of Mixed Spices (the exact dose must be determined by your taste buds!)
- few drops of Vanilla Extract
- enough Sugar to please you!
- a little bit of Hot Water
- Hot milk
- And... a milk frother.

The procedure is extra easy... I made a video for you. So, if you like the idea watch it and, please, subscribe to my new channel: .

I really don't know what possessed me to open a second channel in English. Yup, I wanted to do so for a while now... but I'm very conscious of my bad bad bad English! xD So, yeah... be clement with my awful pronunciation and show me your love! xD

DF/Mexico Review - London Food Blog

NYC Tortas: Pork Pibil
Never throw away your knowledge of nice restaurants in London! Share your thoughts and impressions with all the others gluttons out there... and that's why now you are reading this post! ;-)
Let's speak of a very nice, good (and cheap) Mexican Restaurant that I've tried yesterday:

Old Truman Brewery
E1 6QR

A "Modern Mexican Diner, shaped by traditional flavours and modern american influences" to quote their website! ;-)
Tacos: Pork Pibil
DF/Mexico is a quite cozy place, decorated with nice colours and a friendly environment... and you know what? One thing that I like a lot is... being in a place that makes me feel good & happy just looking at what is around me; unfortunately this is a rare occurrence if I consider a number of restaurants that I have visited so far in London.
But let's speak of the most important thing: food. You can read their menu here.

Give a look to the pictures in this post... food was good, well presented, satisfactory.
I've tried a "NYC Tortas": the Pork Pibil (£7.85). And it was so yummy, guys! The Chilli Fries (£2.50) were good as well... but for my taste I have to say that, in the end, the Regular Fries were more suited to my taste.
I don't drink alcoholics, so I drank plenty of "bottomless" (you can refill it as much as you like!) Horchata (£2.30)... geez! I love horchata so much! I could have renounced to eat just to drink more and more of this sugary drink! xD
Unfortunately at some point I had to stop refilling my glass to avoid death for horchata. But... but!

We tried a Pork Burrito (£8.60), and on the Tacos side of the menu a Pork Pibil (£7.85), then something from the Grill: marinated chicken with habanero and pumpkin seed mayo (£10.85). And everything was very very tasty... a pleasure to eat!

So, yeah, if you like Mexican restaurants and if you are tempted by the delicious food that you can see in my pictures... visit DF/Mexico in Hanbury Street (the place is near Liverpool Street and Shoreditch High Street) and then let me know if you have enjoyed it! ;-)
See you soon!

Pork Burrito
Marinated Chicken

The Perfect Christmas Gift

My life is a madhouse...
It's still november and I'm already pining because I have yet to determine what I'm going to buy as a Christmas gift for the people I love.
And even if I have already bought something for my friends and for my sisters... I'm unconvinced.
The point is that I have all these ideas in my mind... but converting an idea into reality is always a struggle (especially when you lack time, money and blah blah).
So that's what I'll do: it's better to write everything down and take the time to reflect. I need a list.
I'm allowed to put a very expensive item on my list, and then what I'll do will be... thinking of how I can find a very similar one for less. Or if I can make that item myself (good, old DIY!). Or... whatever! xD
They say that writing things down will change your life and your perspective on things... so I'm willing to give it a try! 
Basically it is an exercise in thinking and in creativity.
And creativity... I can do! Yup guys! It's time to create!! :)

So, that's my suggestion: if you are struggling for the perfect Christmas gift... stop panicking! Write a list, write your ideas and start to think about the better way to reach the objective. And you know what? The best option is not always spending  a lot of money!

An example? I have seen some very expensive candles that, with a little time, I can recreate and personalize... and this one will be my first project.
Another one? It will be about fashion and grunge style... a unique tee!

The sooner you start, the sooner you will have a perfect and precious gift in your hands!
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