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The Potion Room at Cutter and Squidge - Things To Do in London

What are the best activities in London for Harry Potter fans? It is possible to join a Potion Class?! Is there an Afternoon Tea inspired by the magical world of witches and wizards?  The answer is all in the Potion Room at Cutter and Squidge in Brewer Street, Soho.

The Potion Room at Cutter and Squidge offers a delicious two hours tea experience with sweet and savory treats inspired by classic British flavor, all served with a sprinkle of magic!

During the experience you will be wearing a cloak (not an invisibility one, but a nice one nonetheless!),  and you will be interacting with your Potion Teacher to prepare some delicious concoctions.

I’ve fully enjoyed the menu... especially the sweet part. The atmosphere was extra friendly and relaxed and the interaction with the Teacher was as fun as you can imagine. The Potion Room itself truly created the perfect setting to imagine to be part of a secret world of magic and incantations.

At the end of the two hours, I was slightly hoping to be transmutated in a teacup to be left in the room without having to go back to the vibrant streets of Soho above! :)

If you are a fan of the HP atmosphere, if you are in London, and if you enjoy a good cup of tea, this is a truly unmissable experience!

There and Back Again

I don't even know why, but at a certain moment, I felt the need to delete all of my old posts. 
I didn't like my blog anymore, it didn't felt like it was "mine" at all. Not anymore.

We change all the time and the things we do change with us; not moving forward, ceasing to transform ourselves and stopping to shape our spaces with what is new in us, means that we are not any better than some dead thing. 

I didn't want my blog to be like that, so I deleted everything.

Having a space on the Internet shouldn't feel like a chore. 
So... here we are, ready for a new adventure, starting again. :)