Squishies from NewChic! *

Yes, I'm still crazy for squishies!
And how could it be different?! 

I had the luck to collaborate again with NewChic: their squishies are always amazing... *O*

They have the best stuff out there, and right now there are some celebrations (and sales) for their anniversary going on! So it's really worth checking their website for all kind of items

But let me show you what I've got from them this time!

Let's start with a bunny that is a hamburger that is an awesome squishy!

Vlampo Squishy Rabbit Hamburger Bunny Slow Rising

I never had a better antistress than this one... it's super slow rising!

Kiibru Squishy Chocolate Bun Jumbo

Ice-cream anyone?! It's still Summer

Vlampo Squishy Ice Cream Cone

Have you ever seen a rainbow tiger?!

Kiibru Sweet Tiger Squishy 

Sooo... what do you think?! I love, love, love all of them! 

More Cool Stuff from NewChic! *

Hi Guys!

Time for a new collaboration with NewChic and for a new wishlist of nice things... lately I'm having plenty of fun exploring the almost neverending possibilities offered by this website for shopping... you can buy everything and is not pricey at all! ♥

So let's have fun and let's see if you enjoy these things as much as I do! :)

Earrings, earrings, earrings... you can't have enough of them! Small and nice, fit for every occasion...


... And chokers, of course! Who doesn't like chokers?


Summer is here, and I'm really into shiny nails... I want them to be very, very outrageous! Metallic, sparkling, neon & holo nails are so cool! Shop the collection here!


And don't forget to show some love to your home too... :)


Do you think that being obsessed with mugs is an illness?! xD I don't care... I like mugs in any shape and in any colour...


Do you see something you like? You can really buy everything on NewChic... it's a real source of inspiration for shopping!

SNS collection

T-Shirt & Cute Stuff! *

Hi guys! ♥ I have been sent a few new things to review! If you follow my Italian Channel on YouTube you'll see all these things in videos... but if you don't, here we go!

Let's start with SHEIN and my passion for t-shirts with witty quotes! ;-)

You know... Awkward is my speciality!

Bye Felicia!! xD

I have already told you that I love squishies... definitely, the best antistress. The Jumbo Turtle from LeiLei is the best thing ever: super soft, scented... and so it is the Raccoon... *O* Give them a try! Everything is from NEWCHIC.

Jumbo Turtle by LeiLei:

Jumbo Raccoon by LeiLei:

Squishy Mochi:

Thanks!!! ♥
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