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Hi Guys! :)
Time to come back to you with a review! I had the great pleasure to receive a surprise from NailBox UK! {Scroll down this post for a lot of pictures; I'm going to tell you what i think of this super lovely box... but pictures can be far more explicative of this amazingness!}

The hot sunny days are on us now: it's time for a colorful manicure, for inspiring shades and nails in the spotlight! With four nail polishes and a professional cuticle pusher and nail cleaner the May NailBox is perfect to give your hands the right look for Spring & Summer.
So let's speak of the four amazing shades, starting with my favourite one:

Status Symbol by Essie!
Everybody knows Essie and the quality of their nail polishes; probably we are speaking of one of my top favourite brands in this field (Essie polishes are DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free ).
Status Symbol is the perfect, funny hot pink that you must have in your collection for a perfect colorful manicure... it's a shade that inspires positivity, that makes better a grey day!

Another wonderful shade is the 670 Lucky Lilac by Rimmel... incredibly easy to apply. Guys, I swear... I have loved its flatter and wider brush!
I have managed to wear this nail polish in seconds and without mistakes. And it dries fast. Super fast! Only one application and the nail polish is already perfect on your nails... definitely a life saver!
And the colour is so nice! Funny but at the same time very elegant.

The Orly Color Blast Fiery Orange with chunky glitters is a must have for the Summer: while I was wearing it... I imagined to be on a beach, my skin kissed by the sun!
This is definitely the nail polish that I will bring with me in the next holidays (hopefully I'll be really on a beach in my Italy!).
And I can only imagine how well this glittery colour can do on a tanned skin; or everytime you are going to have fun! This is a perfect accessory for any party!

Last but not least I have loved Alex By The Books by Nicole by OPI... a minty green that reminds me of a glass of milk & mint syrup! Green is my favourite colour, the colour that I enjoy in any of its shades! And this pastel green is great for Spring and Summer as well.
I can absolutely imagine to wear this shade in the city, for an elegant occasion. But is so versatile that I can imagine to wear it even in a more fun occasion, again on a beach, for a party and blah blah!

Guys, you know me. I'm not telling nice things just because I have received something for free: you can see the quality here. And the convenience. You can see from the pictures that I'm talking of super lovely shades and you can recognize the quality of these famous Brands.
Give a look HERE for all the different kinds of subscription offered by NailBox UK... I think that their prices are really interesting!
Essie Status Symbol
Essie Status Symbol
Rimmel 670 Lucky Lilac
Rimmel 670 Lucky Lilac
Elegant Touch Cuticle Pusher & Nail Cleaner
Nicole by OPI Alex By The Books NI F07
Nicole by OPI Alex By the Books NI F07
Orly Color Blast Fiery Orange
Orly Color Blast Fiery Orange Chunky Glitter

 To conclude... a few explanatory words directly from the NailBox Website:
"Nailbox offers a practical, affordable solution to keeping on top of the latest nail trends.
As huge nail polish lovers we understand what's needed to make life easier for our fellow nail fans. That's why every month, we are dedicated to curating and dispatching a wonderful box packed full of nail colours and products for your enjoyment!
Your nailbox subscription allows you exclusive access to a carefully curated selection of 'on-trend' colours, delivered directly to your door. From your summer holidays to the office Christmas party, choosing your nail polish will be one less thing to worry about.

What I can tell is that I had... the best possible experience with this box (and I'm not generally a lover of subscription boxes: this must mean something!).

See you soon! :-*

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  1. il colore della essie è bellissimo, sono i colori che preferisco di più specialmente in questo periodo

    1. Si, sono tutti molto molto carini... ma quello di Essie e' davvero spettacolare sulle unghie!!!

  2. Amazing colors!
    Have a great evening!
    Angela Donava

  3. Lucky u ! I'd like to receive the same nail box !
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  4. Lovely colours!
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  5. Great review dear
    this colours is Amazing

  6. Gorgeous nail colours

  7. Good choices! The purple is amazing. I wish I could paint my nails well but every time I do they crack or chip too easily!

    Mimicryer x UK fashion & beauty

  8. Nice colours!

  9. The shades of those nail polishes are so beautiful! xx

    Sara Wallflower

  10. Wow!!! I love these nail colors are bright and fun. Thanks for sharing
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  11. Wow, i love these beautiful colors of nail polishes. <33
    Thanks for sharing!

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    You are making me jealous, pretty!

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  14. cool idea, looks like you got some nice colors!

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  17. Great unboxing. Such cute colors.

  18. All are amazing and beautiful

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