Makeup Base Favourites!

Speaking of everyday makeup routine... what are the favourites for your makeup base?! And what is the best foundation that you have ever tried?! And what about concealer? ...Do you have a favourite product for contouring?

I posted a video here on my second channel with my everyday makeup base (if you speak Italian, that's my first channel)... 
I'm not a makeup artist, but I enjoy playing with colours and different products like your average woman! ;-)

Anyway, these are my favourite things at the moment...

When I feel like it, I start with a natural primer (Neve Cosmetics Mattifying Primer), because even if I don't use only organic products... having one to use before anything else as a natural "barrier" on my skin is something that I enjoy greatly! :)

What about foundation? I'm into Nars Sheer Glow and Rimmel Wake Me Up at the moment, and I like them both!

The Radiant Creamy Concealer by Nars is amazing, but if you prefer a cheaper alternative there is always the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer that's a  wonderful product for a really good price (it's under £5, and it's really one of the best concealers that I have ever tried).

And if you are in need of it... the Benecos Compact Powder is a really good organic powder!

Now, I admit that I'm not really into contouring, nor I'm good at it! xD But... I like to try new things! So I'm experimenting using the Taupe Blush by Nyx (everyone says that is perfect on very fair skin!). And of lately I'm trying Bahama Mama by The Balm that I love as well (even if is definitely darker)...

My favorite highlighters are Goddess of Love by I Heart Makeup, and Mary-Lou Manizer by theBalm. Especially Mary-Lou Manizer that is... I can't even say! It's a glorious product in my humble opinion! Probably the best highlighter I have ever used in my life!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is a brow pencil that I literally adore... and it is what I use if I don't want to go wrong! xD

Speaking of blush... I have a number of favourites! But, probably, the one that I use the most is Peachykeen by Mac!

And that's my essential list for a perfect makeup base, guys! 
I'm incredibly curious to hear about your all time favourites!! :)

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  1. Great blog:)

  2. Amazing post! I'm following you on GFC. Hope you follow me back!

    Valentina e Giulia
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  3. Adoro questo tipo di post, mi piace tanto scoprire i vostri prodotti top.
    Non sapevo fossi anche su youtube! Vado a dare un occhiata al video.
    Un bacione

  4. Nice post

    New post in

  5. Very interesting video! As for my favourite makeup products I am using Shiseido concealer and makeup and I am loving the results. Bacci:)

  6. Ma non sapevo proprio che tu avessi un canale yt:) Vado subito a vedermi il video baci

  7. bel post :) ho iniziato a seguirti se vuoi passa a trovarmi :)

  8. Mi piace tanto il risultato finale :*

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  9. Lovely video =)

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  10. Great post, really helpful! I am rubbing at contouring and don't even try!

    Meme xx

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  11. Nice post and your blog is amazing following you now on GFC ....keep in touch...Hugs.

  12. I loved the video, and the color of your hair is beautiful, loved =)
    Aquarela Pink

  13. Hello, the video was really helpful, and great blog! i have just started following you via gfc, keep in touch xx

    Sarah |

  14. This is great! I also am in love with your theme.

  15. Nice post.

  16. love this whole look.
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  17. i'd like to try it ! ;D

  18. Sìììììììììì assolutamente!!! Anche per me l'illuminante the balm è il top!!! lo adoro! ho anche il soft & gentle di mac, ma preferisco il primo!!!!
    Hai un blog che mi piace molto, da oggi ti seguo con piacere ^_^
    Buona Domenica ^_^

  19. Great faves and your video looks awesome! xx

    Sara Wallflower

  20. Sento sempre tessere le lodi dei prodotti per sopraqcciglia di Anastasia Beverly Hills, misa che devo provare qualcosa!

    My last post: Baby shades

    Shopping Girls

  21. Anche io uso spesso l'illuminante della The Balm! E' perfetto anche sulle carnagioni più chiare come la mia...
    molto bello il tuo blog :) ti seguo ;)

  22. the nars concealer and brow wiz are two of my favorites!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle


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