A Total (Fluo) Random Post...

This is a total random post... xD
Lately I have been quite busy; it's a shame I can't spend my life drinking a drink from a coconut on the border of a pool, or better... on a tropical island where no one should be able to bother me! xD
Aaanyway I'm here!
Today I went out for a little shopping session with my sister Brunella, and I bought a couple of things...
I was in love with fluo nail polish and I ended up buying the "Bubblegum", "Pukka Purple" and "Toxic Apple" shades by Models Own (a review is coming!).
Fluo colors are awesome, aren't they? *_* 
I'm expecially in love with "Toxic Apple", because green is one of my favourite colours and fluo green even more! xD
Going on with my fluo passion I have bought a pair of earrings and some bracelets from Primark. You can see a picture of the spoils here!
You can't conclude a day without some food, so I have a picture even of the noodles I ate; enjoy! xD Next time I'll write something with more sense, I promise.

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  1. Nice pics!

    New post: http://themilkandmint.blogspot.it/2013/04/green.html

  2. Ciao cara, ti ho lasciato un piccolo premio sul mio blog! Spero ti sia gradito!

  3. Risposte
    1. :O anche iooo!

      sto convertendo tutti ad usarlo, è troppo ganzo :D

  4. rosa fluo forever!!! :) ahahaha! ti seguo e grazie per essere passata da me! baci

  5. Loved your blog! We are following you on gfc, wanna follow each other on facebook and bloglovin? Let us know! We always follow back Kisses! ♥


  6. ..che belli questi accessori..grazie di essere passata da me!!! http://manuelinamakeup.blogspot.it/


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