Maybe you already know Choccywoccydoodah... maybe you have visited their shop in Brighton or in London, or you are a follower of their TV show... but, anyway, if you LOVE CHOCOLATE this is your post! xD
Personally I'm a chocaholic, I'm addicted to chocolate (in any colour and in any size)... and, living in London, I always love to pay a visit at Choccywoccydoodah as soon as I can (you can find this fantastic place in 30-32 Fouberts Place, W1F 7PS... so you can enjoy shopping in Carnaby Street and than you can taste chocolate relaxing yourself)!
I don't know what I prefer... if a slice of cake, or a sundae or a banana split... but what I know for sure is it that every time I'm sitting in their eccentric, decadent Room, I know that I'm going to enjoy the experience!
Yesterday I was at Choccywoccydoodah with my sisters and a dear friend of mine, and our table was covered in delicacies. Give a look to the pictures if you don't believe me! xD
The greatest thing is that before tasting a slice of cake your senses have already been filled with the sight of the amazing cakes (well, in this case "cake" it is a "diminutive" word! xD) that are exposed on the First Floor... so you feel like you were exploring a chocoholic Wonderland!!

IT: Forse conoscete Choccywoccydoodah attraverso lo show televisivo che parla di loro (mi sembra che in Italia lo trasmetta Real Time), o forse avete visitato il posto (a Brighton o a Londra), ma, comunque sia... se il cioccolato vi fa impazzire questo post è scritto per voi!
E, se non ci siete già stati ma state pianificando un viaggio a Londra... mettete in conto un giro di shopping a Carnaby Street e poi una sosta da Choccywoccydoodah per rilassarvi! Servono cose che fanno salivare gli occhi (xD)! Le loro torte sono delle creazioni uniche, in esposizione e in vendita al primo piano; ma quando viene il momento di gustare... salite le scale e vi troverete nell'imbarazzo di dover scegliere cosa ordinare. Io ci vado spesso, appena possibile, e non ho ancora capito cosa mi piaccia di più... se non mi credete date un'occhiatina alle foto che ho scattato ieri! ;-)

E... a proposito di cioccolata... buona Pasqua!!
Happy Easter Everyone!! 

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  1. I'm totally impressed by you

  2. Hi cute girl, would you like to follow each other? Let me know, my blog is Jeanny :)

    1. Follow you back, thanks :) have a nice Eastern :)

  3. Looks so yummy :)
    Happy Esater!
    Thanks for following me in GFC. I am following now as well.
    Follow each other in FB, Twitter and bloglovin? :)

    Bong's Belleza

  4. YO! HOW IT GOING? :) I love your blog, its TOTALLY AWESOME...I am following. I hope you can check out my site: and FOLLOW. Also on bloglovin, facebook, instagram, twitter, and tumblr if you want :D <3



  5. Oh really delicious!
    I don´t like it to much the chocolate just the normal. I prefer the salads things.
    Really cute post.


  6. Lovely stuff:) Great pictures as well! Followed you here, hope you can do same;)
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  7. This llooks great! Happy Easter! :)

  8. sooo dilicious :D

    shall we follow each other? tnks for commenting. mwah

  9. Grazie mille della visita, com'è vivere a londra?
    un giorno la visiterò *w*
    Molto bello anche il tuo blog :)

  10. Ciao tesoro, ho pubblicato un nuovo post con un abito di Oasap …che ne pensi?

  11. Pensa che io sono stata a Brighton un paio di anni fa e non sapevo neanche dell'esistenza di questo negozio! Che peccato..


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