A bunch of necklaces...

The precious moment when, visiting a market, you find a stall covered in accessories each for 50p and you can't resist buying everything; and doing that you feel happier (well, isn't a very long term feeling, but better than nothing!)!  I bought a pair of earrings in the shape of crocodiles! I love crocodiles! And then some others earrings shaped as hearts, peace symbol, and bla blah. But the real bargain was in taking a bunch of necklaces for the same price, but still with their original price tags. And, trust me, they weren't sold for 50p in origin... and well, this makes you think: it is a deal now, or it was a theft before?! ;-)
Plus I ate a (beloved) green tea dorayaki while I was cooking an artichoke's risotto for my sister (I absolutely enjoy cooking), so, maybe, today the cup is half full, isn't it?

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