Beauty's Most Wanted!

Let's make space for a frivolous post!

It's about beauty! :)
And... I'm speaking to you, my makeup-addicted friends! What would you like to buy right now if you had unlimited money?!
Or imagine that you have the ability to make... let's say... materialize something from thin air, some beauty product you longed for (and with no limits!!)... ah, what a dream! xD 

I'm curious to know what products are on your secret (or not so secret) makeup-wishlist!

And speaking of me... yep, below you can find some ideas of my "most wanted" of the moment!


Facciamo un giochino: immaginate di avere soldi illimitati o di essere capaci di far comparire dal nulla tutti i trucchi che vorreste, cosa ci sarebbe nella vostra lista dei desideri makeupposi?!
Sono curiosa!! Qui sotto, invece, ci sono alcuni dei prodotti che al momento mi intrigano di più. Alcuni li prenderò di sicuro appena possibile!


I have a passion for liquid lipstick with a matte finish...and I'm so in love with these Liquid Lipsticks by Anastasia Beverly Hills!
I'd love to try especially "Pure Hollywood"...

Pure Hollywood by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Vamp by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Heathers by Anastasia Beverly Hills

But then... have you seen these lipsticks by Jeffree Star Cosmetics?! *O* I'm super in love with two shades:

Unicorn Blood by Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Celebrity Skin by Jeffree Star Cosmetics

And speaking of eyeshadows... I'd like to try the Dark Matter Eyeshadow Stacks by Melt Cosmetics!

And you, what about you?!

12 commenti:

  1. Beautiful post, really interesting...thx for sharing!

  2. All of these look really cute.

  3. Bellissimi questi rossetti! *----*
    Io invece vorrei tutti i rossetti matt Mac! ^-^

  4. I also love liquid lipstick with a matte finish! I am following you via GFC, it would be nice if you followed me back :)

  5. Mi piacerebbe troppo comprare dei prodotti di Anastasia *-* tutti ne parlano benissimo!!

    1. Io uso già la loro brow wiz per le sopracciglia, ed è ottima!!!

  6. The last one is sooo perfect!!

    I am following you via gfc now <3

    Visit me: Kapege life moments :)


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