The Perfect Christmas Gift

My life is a madhouse...
It's still november and I'm already pining because I have yet to determine what I'm going to buy as a Christmas gift for the people I love.
And even if I have already bought something for my friends and for my sisters... I'm unconvinced.
The point is that I have all these ideas in my mind... but converting an idea into reality is always a struggle (especially when you lack time, money and blah blah).
So that's what I'll do: it's better to write everything down and take the time to reflect. I need a list.
I'm allowed to put a very expensive item on my list, and then what I'll do will be... thinking of how I can find a very similar one for less. Or if I can make that item myself (good, old DIY!). Or... whatever! xD
They say that writing things down will change your life and your perspective on things... so I'm willing to give it a try! 
Basically it is an exercise in thinking and in creativity.
And creativity... I can do! Yup guys! It's time to create!! :)

So, that's my suggestion: if you are struggling for the perfect Christmas gift... stop panicking! Write a list, write your ideas and start to think about the better way to reach the objective. And you know what? The best option is not always spending  a lot of money!

An example? I have seen some very expensive candles that, with a little time, I can recreate and personalize... and this one will be my first project.
Another one? It will be about fashion and grunge style... a unique tee!

The sooner you start, the sooner you will have a perfect and precious gift in your hands!

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