Line Play

Anyone playing... Line Play?!
Yeah, I know it is a really childish, easy, and somehow repetitive thing... but I can't avoid spending a little time with this game every day (especially before going to bed)! xD

Really, I don't know why, but I find it to be relaxing after a stressing day. And I love dressing up my avatar, and buying things to decorate "my house".
A few days ago I checked (after years) Fb for Pet Society and I discovered that it had been shut down... I was so sad! xD I know it is stupid... but I liked that game, and it was something that had me hooked to facebook in the first time: I logged in just to play!
And now... :(
Well, coming back to Line Play, I suppose it holds the same charm that was of Pet Society in a way.
If you are interested I'm there under the name Alracairam (like on Instagram!), so yeah... you can even "visit" me! xD

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