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So I have been away again for a long time... and the reason is that I keep struggling with a way to make this blog a place that I can *really* love.
I started it like a "beauty blog" (whatever this means), and even if I cannot stand labels... I ended up just writing lists of things I have bought without any true happiness.
This is my blog after all, but still sometimes I wonder if I can really write about everything is on my mind, or if I just have to stick to the "beauty blog" thing. Yeah, I know I have already wrote something on this subject, but... ok, it is stupid.
It's my blog. I can write whatever I want. Whatevah! xD
And this is what I'm going to do. I'll write everything will be on my mind.
I'm not telling you that you will not be anymore able to read about beauty products and blah blah. Because I will write about make-up products as well.
But... if I should feel the compulsion to write about... let's say robots, I'll do it. From now on I'll write of everything I care.
And I'm just saying this because I care for you as well; I truly hope you won't be confused by this flip. That you won't be unsettled by my course of action. Because I truly care for you, Reader! ♥ 

And I hope that the renewed version of this blog will find a place in your heart!

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