Happy New Year (Hope is Not Too Late!)

Hi Guys!
I'm not dead, not yet... but I'm stills struggling with all the petty things life throws us... xD Which, to make it simply, means that I'm awfully busy because of bla blah, and that I haven't the time to be sooo present on this blog or on YT, not as much as I would like to.
The time I've got to read a book, to make an example, is just the time I spend in the Tube while travelling from one station to another, or the little time before falling asleep in my bed. Yup, life sucks! And I'm feeling a little old, because I'm not so sparkling as you can expect from your average blogger! xD
Ahaha, well, I would really like to write more and more on those pages, and share my beauty recipes, my ideas, reviews of all I've bought... and then I make myself scarce even because I'm always sooo little confident with my English!
If I were in need of a resolution for 2014 that should be... being more confident. But I can say that this could be true not only for me; I'm sure that there is plenty of people that, like me, could benefit from a boost of self-confidece... and good luck to us all! -.-
Oh babes, in these days I'm really in need of someone to cheer me up. Haven't noticed it yet? ;-)
What else? I solemnly swear to make a little more time for you, ok? I'm not dead, I'm not dead on this blog, I swear.
Ok, I have just to post this and (while outside is hevily raining) start to write something else. I've a couple of ideas...
Anyway, I haven't tell you yet (and is terribly late!) but... Happy New Year! ♥

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  1. Buon anno anche a te! Spero che troverai tutto il self confidence che cerchi u.u


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