Churros Recipe!

Do you like sweets?!
As I previously stated (everywhere xD) I love cooking, and I love sweets... and considering that my blog is about every random matter that floats in my mind, now I declare that it is time for a recipe! xD

It's time for churros!

All that you need is:

water 200 ml
a pinch of salt 

butter 120 gr
sugar 100 gr
flour 140 gr
eggs 2

oil to fry the churros (I use arachis oil or sunflower oil)

sugar + cinnamon powder to sprinkle on the fried churros

dulce de leche to dip the churros into, or a can of caramel if you haven't time to made the dulce de leche! xD Or... chocolate if you prefer... or custard, or even nothing because the churros are just good alone.

The procedure is quite simple: put the water, the salt, the sugar and the butter in a pot on the fire and wait for the butter to melt. Now add the flour (continuosly stirring) and cook until the mixture tends to be "gummy".
Turn off the fire and let the mixture rest for few minutes.
Now, one by one, add the eggs; be carefull to incorporate them very well!!

And... it's time to fry! Use a syringe or a sac a poche to give the right shape to the churros (pouring the mixture directly in the frying pan from the syringe).
When our sweets are of a nice golden color... remove them from the pan, and put the churros in a plate sprinkling with sugar and cinnamon!

What's next? You can eat the churros as they are or use the caramel to best flavour them!
So yummy!  
Buon appetito! ;-)

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  1. I will most definitely be trying this recipe out :)


  2. That must be yummy, I gotta try :3 thanks anyway

  3. Hi thanks for the comment on my blog
    and I love churros : )

  4. Sounds great, I thought it's much more complicated :) I'm in mood to try. Thanks

  5. Il Dulche de Leche... Quanto mi manca la cucina argentina... ;-;

    1. Ma preparalo!! Non ci vuole niente!! xD

  6. looks yummi!!!
    Maybe we follow each other!?
    Let me know :)


  7. So delicious!

  8. YUMMM I get hunger, shall we follow? let me know

  9. che bontà! grazie per la ricetta!

    Da me giveaway firmato Oasap! Ti va di partecipare?

  10. Can't wait to try them in Spain,in my coming-soon trip!

    A fish-flavoured-apple : nuovo post!


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