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Today I was expected to come back in London... but surprise!
This morning my flight has been cancelled due to bad weather that is striking Europe. So I'm stuck in Italy.
Don't misunderstand me: I'm so happy to spend some more days in my house, surrounded by my things... it is just... I don't know. I have to go anyway, so I'm just prolonging my departure and this is a little bittersweet.
But, well, I'm going to spend this days eating a lot of ice cream; today I'm signed for an ice cream brioche with loads of cream! xD I can't said this displease me! And I can visit more the cemetery: this is really good, because I always miss going whenever I want on my beloved ones' graves when I'm in London.
Well, c'est la vie.
Sooo... I'm here! And I'm thinking to cook something good, and to post  a few recipes on these pages. And, mm,  probably I may watch live the election of the new Pope (yeah, I love all that ancient ceremonial. I'm a history lover! ) whilst I'm here... definitely I can see the glass half full! I will have plenty of things to do before coming back in London.
And, just to have a little random talk... someone has watched "Oz the Great and Powerful" (I was thinking to an evening out with cinema & pizza)?! I'm really skeptic about watching it. I had bad feedback from friends; they said the movie was quite boring. And, anyway, I was really, really doubtful since the first time I heard of this movie. It seems to be not my cup of tea; just all smoke... 
Probably I'm not going to see it at all. But if I  had the occasion I would be really, really, really happy to watch Cloud Atlas for the 4th time; it seems to me one of those uncommon, intelligent movies you can't avoid to love.
But for now... over and bye! xD

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  1. Awesome blog! love it)) maybe follow each other? let me know)
    stay in touch!)


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