Eating out in London: a taste of bibimbap!

After my worst plane flight ever... I suppose I can find the strength (xD) to update this blog (better late than never) with a little review from my latest evening out in London!
Who knows me well is conscious that I love etnic food in general! Well, I suppose that I'm an enthusiastic and curious eater, and I could eat almost everything... even now, after that terrible and sickening flight! However, I'm pretty able to be picky when I select a place to dine in, or a dish to remember.
What I'm generally looking foward to is a nice and confortable place where you can dine well and in economy.
I don't like restaurants where food its more appearance than substance, or where I'm supposed to spend an amount of money that I find ridiculously high and for no reason! After all, if I wanted to be a little posh, I could cook myself a stunning dinner being sure that everything on my table is perfect, no need to go out!
When I'm dining out I'm always searching for something new, and for something able to surprise me... to tickle my curiosity.

Few evenings ago, with some friends, we decided to pay a visit to a Korean restaurant  near Tottenham Court Rd Station; possibly the look of the place was not special, not really grand, just... dingy! xD But I've find it pleasantly intimate, in a way; or maybe I was just happy because of my friends and I haven't really tought to the dinginess! xD
It was my first time with Korean food, and we werethere with the idea of trying the "Bibimbap".
The bibimbap is a traditional Korean dish, served in a stony, very warm bowl; I choose the spicy chicken version, whereas my sister chooses the spicy pork one! Super yummy!
They serves you the bibimbap in this really nice bowl, in wich you can hear the rice fizzle! xD Then you can stir it with the meat and all the vegetables (and don't forget the fried egg on top)!
I've enjoyed it so much, that I'm planning to come back and take another round at it as soon as possible!
Although I'm quite tempted to try different recipes, to get better acquainted with other Korean dishes, I feel that tasting again the bibimbap will be an imperative request from my tummy! ;-)
As regard to the cost (considering that I was really sated after my good bowl and I haven't feel the need to eat other things) it was around 10 £.
If you have the occasion to try the bibimbap let me know what do you think of it, and what is your favorite place to enjoy it in London!

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