Beauty Mask #1

I'm a lover of face masks, they are great when you just want to relax (and for making a favour to your skin! xD)!
Last one I've tried is "Yes to Tomatoes Clearing Facial Mask"... and I've loved it! After using this mask my skin feels really moisturized, refreshed. And I was really, really in need for a little treat after spending last hours at the airport, dragging my extra-heavy luggage along the way back home. Yep, I'm back in London; and I'm equally happy and nostalgic... I've plenty of things to do but I just want to sit down and drink an awful lot of cups of tea enjoying a book. Or maybe... I want to sleep, and sleep again.
But all I can do is to benefit from few relaxing minutes with a beauty mask on my face! xD How sad... well, that's all for now, I'm going to unpack by baggage...
But, mm, if you too want to have a good time relaxing and cleaning your skin, but you haven't a pre-made mask at home, you can make your own with few ingredients like I show you in this video (sorry, the audio is just in Italian, but everything is, however, comprehensible!)!
Enjoy your happy time, and until the next time... bye!

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