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I can't stand anymore watching stupid shows about plastic surgery on television. So, what? You can't be happy if your nose or your tits are not coming out from a mould, like something made by a factory?!
I can't stand watching Barbie's faces spread on all those people... it's quite disgusting to me.
Probably my idea of beauty is a little original; but I love imperfection. And I have always thought ugly all those perfect, made in plastic and inexpressive folks that we see on newspapers.
Be real! Do you think they are true, healthy?
They are just products, made (like plastic dolls) to make you think that what you are is not sufficient, not proper...
They are not just "humans", but far more like juicy steaks on a flier, or in a commercial... products, you know. Made to look right, and retouched with any possible tool you can think of. But photoshop and a plastic surgeon can't stop a juicy steak from becoming old, and putrescent in the very end. Every trick has an end, you know.
And then what is really important is what, who you are. Not like you appear.
The beautiful, plastic faces we see on newspaper, well, you don't really know what lies under the makeup, what is beyond the tricks of the trade! xD When they wake up in the morning they are exactly like us.
So, stop fussing if you believe you are not perfect; because you are. You are a rare exemplar, like a precious unique stone... something that is made by Nature and is not replicable. Every sharp angle, every soft curve has a reason on you.
Why would you be like a mass product when you are actually unique?!
Who cares if you are very chubby, or quite skinny? If your skin is oily or dry. If your tits are big or not. Who cares, honestly? People who judges you on these things are not worthy, they don't really care for you. They are just false coins.
Fashion and makeup, even plastic surgery, should be tools to celebrate our differences, our unicity. They should be matter of creativity and tollerance; and NOT a way to make everyone moulded from a only one casting.
We ought to be different.
Or we will end being just... avatars of the insane "idea" of bad and fake models, avatars of someone else's diktat.
Be who you are! And use every tool you can to emphasize your unicity!
And if a man or a woman says to you that you are not enough as you are, well, do you know what they deserves? Just a kick in the ass, and that's all folks!

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